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Hey! This is BenVsBen aka J. Alexis Fernando, PG from Anna University. Originating from Pondicherry have come a 100 miles, just to find about another 1000 miles to go, before I sleep. Here is my blog and all I'd be eager to share about, with my new friends. And, this ain't my personal website, but would have everything I personally like.(Deep regrets, If i've ever hurt You in my blogs.)
- Viva Kribs!

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Monday, September 06, 2004
Win Bug No.: 2195 + 1

I have always been with my right-hand up, for the MS products. But these bugs keep reproducing from nowhere, suddenly pop-up one_fine_day and say you have another error round the corner.


About the Bug > I was trying to download a file from expn.com, a video in a dot exe (.exe) file and it started creating a default folder (which is possible with Download Accelerator Plus: an Internet download manager), and... there was the bug, asking me to specify an alternate folder. Since it doesn't happen all the time, but for *tangled* urls on the web, thi sone showed me again and again even while I kept ignoring it with default one. I just happened to see it the third time it popped out about the link:


F:\Internet Downloads\ehg-espn.hitbox.com\HGhc=we19&hb=DM5104125MAA95EN3%3BDM5010177GVA95EN3%3BDM51041271MD95EN3%3BDM5103083LCA38ENv=400&ce=y&ss=1024768&sc=32&dt=1&sv=13&vcon=\XGAMES\WXG\2002\Video%3B\EXPN\XGAMES\WXG\2002\Vid\EXPN_AxisCam_Shannon_Dunn_1-14-02.exe


I use a Windows 2000 Professional with a FAT 32 partition system - which does not completely restrict me to have a 255 character directory / file name, and witnessing that the longest directory name being:





which is still a 133 character name, and satisfies the limitations of the OS.


Sad thingy, I still had to rename the folder and directory path to save the file.

Posted at 04:32 am by BenVsBen
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Sunday, September 05, 2004
pretty BAD...

oh my gosh! it has been almost a month since I've blogged. JC!!!

say this one is just a reminder of the fact. tch (Finding it too hard solving personal issues).

Posted at 03:25 am by BenVsBen
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Sunday, August 15, 2004
- () -

Jai Hind!

Posted at 05:54 am by BenVsBen
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Monday, August 09, 2004
File Scavenger 2.1

It is a pretty cute utility program, which can help you re-incarnate all those lost files you have cautiously deleted / nuke – deleted (permanent deletion by pressing SHIFT and the DEL keys), and even formatted the logical volumes of the hard disk drives.


It is already known that any file which is permanently deleted from any Windows Operating System, doesn’t get totally purged out, instead stays in a hidden place (just hiding from your eyes) and on the same hard drive itself, unless or until the entire hard disk gets reformatted with new sectors and clusters.


The program works best on a non-network Windows platform (Operating System), like Microsoft Windows 98. And the worst part of informing about the files being listed, is that all files have unique numbering, say FILE0030, FILE0031… and not the exact filename of the file that would have existed previously like shoppinglist.doc or tojob.txt…


But try and enjoy, recovering your lost files, which should have cost you time and money, requiring a System Engineer to do that.


The file can be downloaded from the company’s download web page.

Update: Ah… You may want to consider this as a serious user review of software, but I would like you to a LOL (Laugh Out Loud) and ROL (Roll On Laughter) by reading to Rajesh’s blog.

Posted at 12:37 am by BenVsBen
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Thursday, August 05, 2004
Chennai – Aarahoon Mein!

I have an Interview at Dot Com Infoway.


Their portfolio seems to be pretty huge and impressive. I wish I could hit *the* jackpot out there, as their domain is wide-spread out in New Media. It would also be a good learning-out my dreams when put to practicality. I am geared up for the Corporate World!


X Fingers Crossed X  - for the best.

Update: Did the interview well, took the offer, now… having second thoughts. tch

Posted at 02:50 am by BenVsBen
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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Nadaka – My New Friend.

Yesterday (3rd of August), I met Nadaka (name pronounced as NADHAKHA), who lives in Auroville India (AVI) and for 30 yrs. long. Nadaka started from Quebec, Canada at the age 16 with deeper interests in music and spirituality and settled down in Auroville. However, he did not admit too strongly that he feels like 20 (psst: he’s 47 now), I believe it is his devotion to the culture, music, and AVI that makes him a real-energetic young man.


I was pretty much involved talking to him, and he even gave away a few of his class-music title CDs – As I blog this, I am immersed listening to his music. You can know more about him at Nadaka’s Website.


As I’m hurrying to that *hectic* work again, I would like to update about Nadaka and his music in my later blogs.

Posted at 10:52 am by BenVsBen
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Monday, August 02, 2004
Mundanely Monday

Gee... this is quite a hectic day, today. I am heading off to Auroville, so I would have to update the events later this evening. And Yo!, have nice day.

Update: Ah… What was so *hectic* about this day?… well, I am trying to help my friend babu (aka Samikannu) with his banner ad designs, at his office. It started off late by the mid-day and stretched thro’ the work with other misc. work (like going to Auroville) and then till mid-night. The kinda job is very awry. I mean, all I have to do, is to scan a few (make that several) photos of THONDARS (You know what I mean), and re-touch those photographs to look nice and place them with a eye catching background and voila, ‘their’ hearty greeting to their Leaders are well appreciated hoarded near traffic signals and nearby places.


Not one, but JC! one more and more and more. The orders keep diving in, when Babu and I get overloaded with this type of work. Well for me, that was just *one* day and probably another one (tomorrow) too. I really pity my friend, for he’s facing a tough time with these arrogant, idiosyncratic clients, who have no courtesy over colour, design and the toughest time in convincing ‘them’ about the design.


One such client, drops in and gives us a photo of his Leader – which is a serious face with a few pot holes on his cheek, and sheepishly asked us to make him smile with his teeth showing white. – WHAT ?!

Posted at 03:32 pm by BenVsBen
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Sunday, August 01, 2004
‘1’ GOOD B’day.

Though I missed being at STC mind sharing session, I had to be at Home and cure a few hurt wounds. And yes, I did!.


At least on this B’day, I felt being a good boy, a good son, a good brother, a good friend, and of course a good student too.

Posted at 11:41 pm by BenVsBen
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'1' Mail Run

Wonder why or how these web-based email servers came up to offer you MORE. Well, I have my own start off with email. I remember having an email account in hotmail.com. My uncle created one and said, this is your email ID, and with this, you can send and receive emails in the Internet. Hotmail.com?… Internet?…. email ID?… all I knew at the age of 13 was GW BASIC and computer, keyboard, printer… etc.,. Time just swept away, and now I feel, snail mail?… (just kidding).


So, let me not drive you to Alaska, the 1 GB flair probably started off with Gmail, but I’m afraid, there was one earlier expansion slot, done at Sify mail. It was a very limited-time-based offer. Whoever logged into Sify mail account, had a flashy link towards the end of the navigation bar, clicking on which, the user is upgraded for a 15 MB space for FREE!! – too late, you can simply see that for a cash exchange (hehe). Then came Gmail, with a hefty container of 1 GB, offering to those *lucky* ones (as it claims and as it is even now felt). And the services of the email from Google are really awesome. They came last, but stole the entire show. As soon as Gmail swirled the Internet, it was then Rediff,com with Rediffmail, to give their share of 1 GB (FREE!!). Yahoo! gave away its share of an 100 MB. Simultaneously, it was Lycos Mail to upgrade their interface and supplement their services, with more of a user-centered design approaches. – Lycos, haven’t yet participated in the expansion programs, but their service upgrade for the existing 6 MB is COOL. Finally, or in the end of the pack, it is Hotmail.com. Their press report declares that Hotmail would join this ‘mail run’ by expanding the existing 2 MB free space to 250 MB!!!. That, I would really call *the* best move. [More info on hotmail.com 250 MB.]


Though, it might just be 250 MB, the ease of accessing all of these mails through Outlook Express is *the* mind soothing offer, I could ever have. Psst: if this happened in the very near future, I’d be zapping my emails with a 5750 MB space.


I’m outta here.

Posted at 05:17 pm by BenVsBen
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'1' Happy Friendship Day!

Yo, Fellas! On this special day, I would like to remember all of YOU, who have made a valuable mark walking into my life. - Thank Yo!

happy friendship day

Posted at 03:59 pm by BenVsBen
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